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Their own stories, in their own words.

I wanted to say thank you for taking Mike in to your recovery house. Mike was lost, struggling and was having a difficult time finding his way. You believed in him and gave him the opportunity to live with others going through similar struggles. You went above and beyond, giving so much of your time and kindness–as you continue to do. Thanks to you, Mike has a sponsor, attends daily meetings and lives in a structured, caring environment that is making his recovery possible. Thanks to the love, guidance and support shown by you and the guys in the house, Mike is able to see a new way of life. He is clean and happy and feels very much a part of things at your house. Thank you for saving my son, I will be forever grateful to you!


Having been unsuccessful in other recovery houses, coming to Way of Life was a big leap of faith. My experience here has been unlike anywhere else. This program has shown me this isn’t just a business. It’s about helping another addict or alcoholic and learning to live life sober, one day at a time. This is truly a way of life for everyone here.

Don T.

When I entered Way of Life I was beaten and broken. I met the house owner Barb Williamson and found a person who truly cared about the well-being of her residents. She gave me the extra push I needed to get me to where I am today with 17 months sober. The houses are clean, comfortable and recovery oriented. I can truly say Way of Life saved my life and I would recommend this program to anyone struggling with addiction.

Ed H.

Way of Life provided a safe, clean, and positive living environment which allowed me to focus on my recovery while rebuilding my life. During my time I built lifelong friendships with other residents, obtained a new career, and solidified a strong foundation in recovery. I am forever indebted to Way of Life for helping me become a productive and honorable member of society.

Randy W.

The day my child moved into Way of Life was the beginning of his and our family's serious recovery. After five months living there our precious child looks, works, and acts like the person we knew before drugs entered our lives. We sleep well finally, after years of uncertainty. Each day we grow stronger and love each other deeper.

Resident’s Mother

I moved to Levittown to get sober and along my journey came across the Way of Life program. I am so happy I did. It was beneficial in so many ways. It was affordable, the homes were clean, and I consider then men I met there family. I recently moved on, but I thank Way of Life for providing the structure and rules that a man in sobriety needs. I recommend anyone in recovery consider Way of Life.

Zack D. (alumni)

Way of life recovery provided the extra help my son needed to succeed. We are eternally grateful for Barb Williamson and the program she runs. We are blessed to say we've had our son back in our lives for over 18 months now.

Resident’s Parent

Barb Williamson and the staff at Way of Life Recovery understand how much extra help and hands-on care a person suffering from this disease needs.

Resident’s Father

My son did the recovery house shuffle for some years before finding Way of life Recovery. He is now sober over one year and I can finally sleep soundly knowing that he is safe. Barb, the owner, really helped the healing process for our family by always keeping us in the loop, providing progress reports, and inviting us to functions where we met other mothers and fathers going through the same struggle. Some of the parents we met are our friends today. I would recommend Way of Life to anyone.

Resident’s Mother

My daughter calls me everyday and describes Way of Life as her home and the women she lives with her as her sisters.

Resident’s Mother
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